Protect Your Floors and Carpet Before Guests Arrive

Preparing and planning for any holiday party would take a lot of work. As you go through your list and double-check it, you should never forget to consider floor protection. Carpet, tile, hardwood and other floorings could take a beating if you have a massive holiday visitors in your home. For you to protect your investment, you need to be sure that you take preventive measures to help maintain the condition of your floor during and after the party. Fortunately, there is some safety measure you can take to keep your floors free from permanent damage, scuff marks, scratches, and unsightly stains your visitors may accidentally cause. Here are some of the tips coming from the professionals that you can consider:

Place outdoor mats at every entryway

Mats can urge visitors to wipe off their shoes before they enter your house. While your visitors shuffle in, regularly clean your mats to prevent them from unwanted debris.

Put a shoe rack near your front door

This would make the guests think that they need to remove their shoes and keep dirt and filth from being seen around your house.

Put entrance rugs in compact places

Flooring by the dining area, gathering spots, hallways, front door are places that usually gather dirt. If you live in snowy places, water puddles near the front door are common as well. To prevent grime and dirt from being found around your home, choose synthetic rugs and place them in those spots mentioned before. Prevent ones with foam or rubber backings because these can damage the floor permanently and they trap moisture.

Place glides or felt pads below furniture

While your family and friends move their dining chairs into the living room or move their extra chairs in and out, your floors could get scratched permanently. Glides or felt pads would help stop damaging or scratching your floor all year long. You could also cut the pads yourself according to the sizes of your furniture and chairs.

Put cheap decorative throws or fitted covers over an expensive furniture

Cover your furniture if you are worried that your couches might become stained or dirty. Utilizing throws or covers is one of the simplest ways to protect your favorite furniture and help them from staining on costlier investments.

Place some hand towels near the guests

Doing this would be beneficial since you can immediately clean up the most typical holiday spills during your event and prevent them from staining permanently.

Planning all these together with planning for your party could be a hassle to some homeowners. Hence, if you would like to spend your time planning your party that prepping your floors and your carpets, ask the professionals from Carpet cleaning Greensboro NC regarding their custom floor cleaning offers and services. They have the advanced tools, industry knowledge, and experienced staff to get your carpets and floors perfectly clean even before or after an event in your home.